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At the core of the High Earning Housewife our commitment is to serve you with the unyielding goal of showing you how important it is to be a wise steward over your finances & home.

 Whether you are:

  • Wanting to elevate your money mindset & acquire additional sources of income

  • Wanting to pay off debt & be a wise steward over your finances

  • Looking for creative ways to create multiple streams of income

  • Desiring to learn ways to invest your income, retire early and build an inheritance

  • Learn how to be a help meet to your spouse and contribute to your household income

  • Or need someone who can answer your questions, and give you feedback & guidance, this program is for you.

In this program you will learn from Ashley and other empowering experts on how to make your dreams a reality and how to establish a plan to create generational wealth to change your generational legacy. You will benefit from fresh empowering content that you can immediately apply in your life. 

Unlike any program Ashley has ever created, this program has a key focus on financial stewardship, wealth creation and money management. After going through financial peaks & valleys, Ashley sought education on managing and stewarding wealth from a biblical perspective and she shares what she learned & more in the High Earning Housewife.


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The High Earning Housewife is carefully designed to help you learn:

  1. How to Launch, Market and Sustain a Successful Business

  2. How to be a Wealthy Wife by creating the financial disciplines to create generational wealth

  3. How to be the CEO of your Home


What's Included?



bonus expert sessions

HL Headshot.png

Heather Lindsey, CEO & Founder - Pinky Promise

Session: "Stewarding Your Home - Resourcefully"

CS Headshot.png

Courtney Sanders, CEO & Founder -

Session: "Keys to Creating Generational Wealth"

CB headshot.png

Chrystal Bernard, CPA Founder - Smart Accountant

Session: "Creating a Zero-Based Budget"

(+plus more!)

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  • 3 Month Mentorship Program + Content Assignments

  • Live Full Day Business Bootcamp, Dallas, TX (+ Special Guest Trainer)

  • Q&A Dinner with Ashley Meals included.

  • Access to the Wealthy Woman Resource Library 

  • High Earner Assingments

  • On Demand - Expert Bonus Sessions

  • Access to Private Community of likeminded women pursuing the same goals that are thriving in their finances & life!

Who is "The High Earning Housewife" for?


When Does the Program start?

Enrollment is closed. Doors will be open Spring 2020.

Do I pay for my own travel + hotel?

Yes, travel is not included in program cost. We will provide a list of hotels near our training location.

Why is this course so inexpensive?

It's true that most courses that are three months long and feature an in-person 2 day event, are priced MUCH higher. In fact, Ashley’s 1-on-1 clients pay $500/hr to work with her. Ashley wants to get these tools and lessons into the hands of as many wives and women as possible. She purposely keeps the price low so it will be possible for women from all demographics to invest in themselves.

If I need to cancel what do I do?

Oh girl, things happen! You can cancel at anytime, this program is non refundable and non transferable.

I saw that there is a private community, but I'm not on Facebook! Should I still sign up?

That’s a great question! First off! Good for you making the decision to not be on social media!

Second of all, unfortunately, the community aspect of the course is going to require a Facebook account. And if you don’t have one, you have a few options.

  1. Get back on Facebook temporarily to engage with group.

  2. Create a new Facebook account just for the program. That way you can be part of the discussion in our Facebook group, but you don’t have to deal with any of the other distractions of Facebook.

  3. Join us for the course without participating in the Facebook community. While you will miss out on the community aspect, you’ll still have access to all of the course content, and materials. So you’ll still be able to learn and apply everything in your life, you just wont be able to discuss it with the other women in the community.

What if I cannot attend the in-person bootcamp?

If you are not able to attend the bootcamp in Dallas, TX you can attend another session at a later date with no additional charge. Bootcamps are held twice a year.

Can I sign up at anytime?

No. Doors are only open for 5 days & will no reopen until Spring 2020.




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