Try them all out and let me know how much money you save!

Walmart Grocery Pickup- Walmart Grocery Pickup is seriously a life-changer! You order fresh groceries, Walmart does the shopping and loads your car for FREE. How easy is that? Here’s $10 to try it. You can thank me later. Get your $10 now

eBates -  FREE! An extension that lives in your web browser and automatically tells you if a website you're shopping on is offering cashback. If they are, all you have to do is click the "activate cashback" button and eBates will pay you whatever cashback you've earned. I've used this app for years and it's legit - they send the cashback you earn directly to your Paypal account. Click here to get $10 cash & sign up to start earning money!

Instacart - As a busy working mom I have fell IN LOVE with Instacart! You can literally pick out your groceries online from a nearby store and have them delivered to you the same day or whatever time works best for you! It is such a great resource and frees up time for you to spend with your family and working on your side hustles! As a member of the High Earning Housewife you can enjoy $20 OFF your first order! Click here to try it out and get $20 off!

RetailMeNot - Free app! Anytime I go to a store I will search if there are any coupons on Retail me not. I have also booked roundtrip flights via this app for less than $100 round trip!


Christian Healthcare Ministries- Great insurance for expecting moms and people who do not have major health issues! My friends & I use this insurance and they typically cover 100% of maternity needs! I highly recommend if you are looking for an affordable healthcare option. When I had other health insurance providers, we paid over $3,000 for my daughters birth. This was a life saver! Click here to sign up & save!


Student Forms - Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program. The Department of Education offers multiple repayment options. Choose the government program that works best for you and your current financial situation. You can call a representative and they will give you the best option for you! Click here to get information

Groupon - You probably know all about Groupon already! What you probably didn't know...is that you can combine the discounts already on Groupon with eBates cashback to get even more bang for your buck! I use Groupon specifically for cheap date night ideas, restaurants, and beauty services (waxes, manicures, massages, etc). Click here to try it out!


Dosh - An app that gives you cashback for everyday purchases at national and local stores.Shopping at Sephora this weekend? Dosh will give you cashback. Filling up at Exxon Mobile? Dosh will give you cashback. Ordering take out from your local Chinese joint? Dosh will give you cashback! The best part is all you have to do is link your debit/credit card to Dosh and...that's it. Dosh will automatically deposit your cashback to whatever card you use. Click here to try it out!